What does it mean to Live Divinely?

To live Divinely means to live in walk in Oneness with the Divine Presence and the Divine Will  of our Creator upon this Earth.

Our Creator gave us the right to choose self will or Divine Will, allowing us to know the joy of living in Oneness because we had chosen it, knowing fully that all else is futile and chaotic.

This is not an instantaneous event but a minute by minute choice.

  Where we place our attention at any moment is our God of the moment.  In order to live Divinely our eye or attention must be singular upon the Will of the Creator. For the will of the Creator brings joy, health, love, peace and abundance for us and for All Life. When our attention or eye is singular upon the Creator then the Light of our Creator will fill our Being and shine forth from us, transforming us and the world in which we live.

This site is about sharing the process.  Not only mine but yours.

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